BV OttoP Consultancy & Training
Ir. Otto P. van Driel
T: 0486-421197



· Organisational Theory and Change     Management
Using models and images to reveal stumbling blocks.

· Design for Processability and Six Sigma
Anticipate during the design-phase on Appropriateness and Robustness.

· Statistics from Histogram to Multivariate Analysis, from Shainin/Taguchi to SPC/SPM
Result-driven in stead of method-driven.

· Theory of Constraints (Goldratt: The Goal)
Aim at increasing Throughput,
not on Cost reduction.

· Quality systems
Needed to assure excellence in the end.

· Tools where needed and effective
Not tool-oriented but goal-oriented;
learning by doing!



My aim is to help you arrive at the solution of a problem,
or with the achievement of a pro-active ethos in your organisation.

Please contact me for further details.

Ir. Otto P. van Driel
BV OttoP
+31 486-421197


Board member of European Six Sigma Club


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